Research Associate Professor



Jae Cheal Yoo

Cell signaling network and cancer biology.

M.S. GIST, Life science

Ph.D. Seoul National University, LIfe Science

Post Doc. State university of New York at Stony Brook. Department of molecular genetics and microbiology.



Ph.D. Students



Yul Kim

Prognosis and diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, cytokine/CD marker network

B.S. KAIST, Computer Science (Hansung Science High School)

M.S. KAIST, Computer Science



Bumki Min

Identification of novel system marker based on network linkage analysis

B.S. KAIST, Computer Science (Gyeonggi Science High School)

M.S. KAIST, Bio and Brain Engineering



Boah Lee

Natural product drug discovery & Biosynthesis

B.S. Sookmyung Womens Univ., Chemistry/Bioinformatics (Ewha Girls’ Foreign Language High School)

M.S. Korea Univ., Medicinal Chemistry



Maryam Yavartanoo

Cytokines network and their rules in autoimmune diseases

B.S. Tehran Univ., Medical science (Efaf High School)

M.S. Seoul National Univ. Biochemistry



Abdullateef Nashed

Regulatory Network and drug targeting in cancer

B.S. Aleppo Univ., Biochemistry

M.S. Malaysia UKM Univ., Medical Science (biochemistry)



Park Sung Yong

Development of physiologically relevant, function oriented cell model

B.S. Pukyung National University, Mechanical Engineering (Sungshin High School)

M.S. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Mechanical & Advanced Materials



Yi Li

Cell-based screening for novel durgs of diabetes and gene signature discovery in CTC cells

B.S. Wuhan Univ., Life Science.

M.S. Hallym Univ., Biochemistry



Yoonhyeok Lee


B.S. KAIST, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering / Biological Science (Busan Science High School)

M.S. KAIST, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering



Hojae Choi

SNP data analysis for reumatoid arthritis and reconstruction of metabolic pathway network

B.S. GIST, Engineering and Applied Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Track (Suji High School)

M.S. KAIST, Bio and Brain Engineering



M.S Students



Haangik Park

Discovery of disease-specific immune biomarkers and related mechanism

B.S. KAIST, Department of Bio and Brain Engineering (Korea Science Academy of KAIST)



Teerapon Sahwangarrom


B.S. Chulalongkorn University, Department of Botany


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