Current Funded Research Project


  1. 12/09-22/08 Development of integrated methodology for simulating traditional natural substance MC/MT at molecular and cellular level based on the human virtual cell models (MISP/Bio-Synergy Research Center)


Past Funded Research Project


  1. 10/09-17/02 Customized and Context-aware Healthcare Service Agents in Smart Phone Environment (MISP/National Core Research Center)

  2. 13/11-16/10 Big data framework based integrative bioinformatics for mining genomic prognosis & drug response of rheumatoid arthritis (MHW)

  3. 11/07-16/06 Discovery of novel cell surface and intracellular marker candidates for detection of CTC with primary cancer type (MISP/Converging Research Center Program)

  4. 12/01-15/12 Basic studies on the construction of virtual human disease model for systems healthcare application (MISP/KAIST)

  5. 12/05-15/04 Discovering the composite feed-forward regulatory circuits mediated by miRNA and ubiquitin ligase for regulating degradation of cell cycle regulators (MISP/Basic Science Research Progarm)

  6. 11/01-13/12 Drug Discovery through the Identification of Novel Drug Targets and Development of New Oral Drug Delivery Systems for Diabetes (KUSTAR)

  7. 10/02-12/09 Development of Large Volume Multi-scale Systems Dynamics Interpretation Technology for Virtual Cell Application Platforms (KISTI)

  8. 05/08-10/07 Development of diagnosis expert system (MOCIE)

  9. 02/08-09/12 Development of bioinformatics application technology based on Semantic GRID (IITA) 

  10. 05/04-08/03 Knowledge Discovery System for Protein Regulation Network Based on Ubiquitin System (KOSEF)

  11. 02/11-03/12 Construction of bioinformatics program (MOE) 


*KUSTAR: Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research (United Arab Emirate), KISTI: Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information, MOCIE: Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy, Korea, IITA: Institute for Information Technology Advancement, Korea, KOSEF: Korea Science & Engineering Foundation, Korea, MOE: Ministry of education, Korea.

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